Thursday, August 2, 2007

July 26 2007 the cousins meet!

They finally met each other!!

July 2007 -- My sister Colette came to visit with her 4 kids. They survived a difficult road trip all the way from Michigan. The kids were able to visit with their Grampa and Grama Lyons (whose cookies are legendary) and were able to meet their similar aged cousins, my 3 kids. They had a great time!!! They swam, played army, Webkins, made artwork, and went out for ice cream.

In picture: Danny, Paige, Madisyn, Maura, Keegan, James, Liam

at the general store

Grampa Lyons takes Keegan for a 4-wheeler ride

We were sad to say goodbye!!

Wednesday, August 1, 2007

Lyndeborough Farmer's Market

Pictures from a recent trip to the Farmer's Market... My friend sells flowers, fresh eggs, tea and herbs. I set up my bags and sundresses at her booth one week.

Besides fruits and vegetables, they also have meat, sheepskin, yarn, delicious baked goods, spinach pie, doll clothes, quilts and more!