Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Two Gingers and a Renfrew

If you weren't into sewing that title would sound a little weird.

Here's what I've been up to...

Ginger Skirt #1 
fabric: sueded twill in Charcoal from Fashion Fabrics Club
I was seriously in need of a go-with-everything skirt, and this works for me!  I'm going to toss out a few ill-fitting skirts in my closet, not naming any names, black cord Gap skirt. 

 Ginger Skirt #2
For this version, I was inspired by Sara at Sew Sweetness.  I loved this Ginger she made in a home decor weight fabric.  I had to eliminate the front seam on the pattern because I didn't want any mistakes matching that distinct pattern. 

Renfrew Top
fabric: interlock knit from JoAnn Fabrics
The fabric for this top is an exact match for my Beignet Skirt.
I bought them at the same time, it was one of the only decent colors I could find, but I just happen to love deep red.

Both patterns were SO super easy and fast!  I would recommend these two patterns to anyone, even a beginner.  The directions are very clear and they can be whipped up in no time with many, many options for customization. 

Here are a few more photos because my tripod was working today!

Some of the outtakes were pretty funny, with Travis "helping" with the tripod.
 Happy Wednesday!


Monday, February 20, 2012

Reversible Wrap Skirt

Who doesn't love a good wrap skirt?  This one is reversible.

This skirt is all cottons, the first is a quilting weight printed plaid, the other side is standard blue twill.
Pattern is by Fig Tree and Co., the Audrey Wrap skirt.   I purchased it at my favorite online pattern shop,  Pink Chalk Fabrics.  Shipping is free on all patterns every day, which I love!!  I tend to buy LOTS of patterns and pattern books.  They're my weakness.  I know at this point in my sewing career, I could definitely draft more of my own patterns, but I just love when someone else does the trial and error, so I can jump right in and start my project.  I'm a sucker for the smaller/indie pattern companies, I love the modern styling and photos they use.   

Some of my recent purchases that I'm looking forward to sewing up are:
 the Sewaholic Renfrew Top (already finished one, just need to get a photo),
Colette Peony Dress (fabric arrived today!),
Colette Ginger Skirt (in process),
Nowhere Man Pants for Travis, just finished one pair,
Boho Cloche Hat by Heather Bailey
Aurelia Cardigan by Sew Liberated
Mission Maxi and Sunny Day Dress both by Jamie Christina

That sounds like a lot!

Today it was in the 40's, and it feels like spring is on the way.

Have a great week!

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Valentine's Beignet

disclaimer: I just had to get some photos on the blog since it's my Valentine's Day skirt, and so I settled for these crappy shots!

I let Travis play with my camera's tripod, and amazingly enough the piece that holds on the camera is now MIA.  That means I had to wait until Liam got home from school to take the photos and because he isn't used to the new prime lens (he actually is a great photographer) AND we were running late for the orthodontist, this is all we got!  
Either my legs were cut off or it was blurry.
I'm sure all parents out there can relate to being in a big rush.

 The pattern is the Colette Beignet.  This is my first time using 
Colette Patterns and I wasn't disappointed.  
I went on and immediately scooped up the Peony Dress Pattern and the Ginger Skirt Pattern.  So look for versions of those coming up soon!

I made this out of thick red corduroy, and planned on wearing it out for dinner with my husband for Valentine's Day to my favorite restaurant, the Bedford Village Inn.  So we went a week early and this wasn't done,  it's an excuse to go back soon!  

Originally I wasn't interested in all the high-waisted skirts because I'm not one to tuck in my shirts, I look like I'm all legs, but the trend is starting to grow on me.

I really love the shaping on the skirt made by the panels, there are no darts!  I followed the directions exactly and the skirt came out very professional inside and out.  I lined it with Bemberg and it was a slippery devil, but I worked slowly and used lots of pins. 
I would definitely make another Beignet!

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