Monday, March 25, 2013

Frankendress finished

"Send Help, I'm snowed in."

 I finished the franken-Tiramisu dress awhile back and was never able to get any satisfying photos, but I am just posting these anyway.  I might never get around to taking any more photos!!  Cabin fever is really setting in now...we have at least 3 feet of snow covering our yard still, no joke!

That ball of fur is my dog, Angus, FYI

Part 1 of this post is here if you want to see the progress.  I began with a Tiramisu dress, and didn't like the bodice, so I cut it in two and attached Jalie 2449 as the bodice.

 I'm happier with the dress now.  The best part about it is how it feels like pajamas.  I really didn't have any long sleeved knit dresses in my wardrobe, and they are very cozy for winter (or a winter which never ends).  The only thing that bothers me is the pockets.  This is a real heavy/thick interlock knit ($1 a yard!) and the pockets add a bunch of bulk at the hips I'm not crazy about.

In other news, my sewing studio in now complete! I don't know how I fit 4 machines into my little space, but I have an embroidery machine now.  I've been playing around with it a bit and I think it will be such fun to embellish some of my sewing projects with.   Here is one of my first test samples:


Perfect Polo

I've been sewing like crazy this month but completely absent from the blog.  My photo-taking mojo is gone.  It's just been too cold and gray!  Please excuse the bad photos, I just had to post something!!

It's the Perfect Polo pattern made with knit fabric from Girl Charlee.

This was about as much posing as I could get out of Travis.

This is a pattern I can see myself using again and again.  The directions were straightforward, the placket was a bit confusing but came out fine in the end.  This polo would be great in many colors and patterns. 

AND.....A little bird told me that the KCWC Spring 2012 is coming up soon!  Are you on board?
Click on the link below to get the details!