Tuesday, December 21, 2010

a couple of (11th hour) handmade gifts finished!

These were a few of the gifts I'd planned for the handmade holiday challenge, and I'm happy to report that they're done with 4 days till Christmas!  Nothing like a little pressure to get me moving!

For Travis:
A gigantic fleece blanket shaped like Nemo.  This is from Simplicity pattern 3955, and it's HUGE, like 6 feet long..  Look at how it dwarfs my couch in this photo:

And for Maura who is 14, (I hope she doesn't read my blog):

A cool cover/holder for her Amazon Kindle which she will (hopes to) get from her grandparents this year.

 Here is a shot of the inside.  It has pockets and also a reading light holder.  I wrote her name and phone number already...my kids might be a bit forgetful.

This was a great pattern to follow, very sturdy and well-thought out.  I got the pattern here on Etsy.  The fabric is Michael Miller Script which I love, and plan on using on more projects.

Next I'm hoping to make some peppermint bark to hand out to the teachers next and get to wrapping.

Have a wonderful holiday everyone!!!!

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