Tuesday, June 29, 2010

a new summer dress

I feel quite guilty looking at the stack of fabric I have waiting to be turned into sundresses. I finally finished one!

This is made with New Look 6974, which while searching for a link I have found is out of print! The fabric is by Kitty Yoshida, City Girl Espresso Pinwheel which I bought at FabbyFabric.

I really like some of the new New Look patterns. I'm so glad pattern manufacturers are finally getting a clue! That being said, I did have to lower the neckline on this dress because it was too high/matronly for me. I wanted it to look more like the halter dresses I buy at the Gap and J Crew. I also really like the long skirt included in this pattern!!! I've made these twice, and will probably make more. I'm not much for shorts in the summer and wear mostly dresses and skirts, so those long skirts are a staple for me.

Next up, summer robot pajamas for Maura...

Tuesday, June 8, 2010

simpsons phone/ipod case

Another case finished. I sent this one in along with the previous Domo case with my son for his school auction. I managed to get them past Maura, no small feat, who wants everything I make for herself. Suddenly she *needed* a Domo Ipod case so badly! I don't feel guilty, her room is stuffed full of homemade goodies. Plus, I have plans to make her a Totoro case soon.

I like how it came out. Some of my favorite characters made it on. Comic Book Store Guy, Chief Wiggum, Gus and Lunchlady Doris to name a few. We're a Simpsons family for sure. Bart is there, too. Which is good since it says "Where's Bart?". He's on the inside of the tab when you open the case.

Up next: finish Mom's birthday gift before Thursday...wish me luck.

Friday, June 4, 2010

The hardest way is not always the best way...

Today during the T-Bomb's nap I decided I would make something for James' upcoming 6th grade auction.

It's a really cool idea they've had at the school. For the last quarter of the year in 6th grade the kids earn "money" printed with the teachers faces! Each week they 'earn' money for coming to school, they can also earn extra money for good deeds and have to pay money for bad deeds. Then at the end they have a big auction where they can spend their money on donated items. I should have done this earlier, but as is my style, started to think about this today.

I know there is usually a shortage of boy items, so after racking my brain for gender-neutral items to make, I settled on ipod or phone cases. I'm working on a Domo case right now, just look at the mess I make! Here is the finished Domo case. I fought with the fleece a little and ended up with kind of a lopsided face! Maybe it adds to the charm? Maybe not? I'm out of time today. I'm hoping to get some more sewing time this weekend!

Tuesday, June 1, 2010

the new peeps...

Look what my kids managed to talk me into this weekend! We already have 11 full-sized hens...what's 6 more???? 17... that's what! I must be nuts.

"But mine are only bantam chicks, three bantams are only as big as 1 1/2 regular chicks"

Not pictured: James' chick, "Rover". James was busy at the time of this photo shoot using his 2 hours of weekend gaming time (no video games during the week, we ARE the meanest parents.)