Wednesday, April 28, 2010

I finished it! My entry for Spring Top Week 2010

whoa, I just made it. The flickr pool closes on friday!

I made this top in navy blue because I was going for a basic top which would mix well into my spring/summer wardrobe. Then I decided it was a little too plain and jazzed it up with a freezer paper stencil in light blue.

Here I am freezing to death trying to get a decently lit picture! Wow is it cold in NH today.

Here is the back of the top. (with a few raindrops)

I used this pattern, New Look 6713, which I recently purchased for 25 cents!! Considering the incredible amount I spend on supplies and craft books, I'm pretty proud of that!
This pattern was easy to make, I would make it again in another color.

I finally get one of these awesome buttons! Thanks to Rae for the inspiration!

Sunday, April 18, 2010

new owls this weekend

Awhile back I when I was in my softie craze, I made a pattern for this style owl because I knew he was so cute I had to make more. All weekend was rainy and cold. So it was a great time to make some more.

Now I just need to think of some names for them!

Friday, April 16, 2010

Snow? Are you kidding me?

We woke up to snow this morning!! Unbelievable! Look at this sad photo of our daffodils.

I've decided to crank up the woodstove and not leave the house today. Luckily I got a shipment of wool felt yesterday to keep me occupied. I'm planning on making some flower headbands to cheer me up. Felt always makes me happy!

Thursday, April 15, 2010

2 new T- shirts

Shirt #1-- Chillin with my gnomies -- Sweet gnome fabric from and made from an old out of print Simplicity pattern with a few t-shirt options. This was the very first time I have sewn for my little girl using a women's size pattern (boo hoo). She was never one for frilly dresses anyway. I measured her and used size 8. This is her new favorite shirt!! I like how it fits, compared to #2!

Shirt #2-- Raven freezer paper stencil on an Old Navy brand shirt size small. It is kind of an icky fit for a 13 year old, geez Old Navy!, and I'm not even a prude. Because of her long arms and torso, I've started to buy ladies size small for her. Anyways not crazy about this fit, but we like the raven!

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

show and tell - Maura's owl wallet and Ipod Touch holster

Both of these were done without any pattern. I just designed these as I sat at the machine. The best thing about these projects is how little fabric they take, so you can use up your scraps. On the Ipod case I lined it with fleece so it would be very soft inside. She loves these. It's a great project for a 13 year old!

Monday, April 12, 2010

I DO have other kids, really...

OK, I admit I've been posting only things I've made for Travis lately! I've been spending all day with him while the other 3 are at school. And besides he needs clothes the most right now!!! That's my story.

Travis in his new pants. Another quick and easy pair using Dana's flat front pants pocket tutorial. This version is made out of standard blue/ivory pillow ticking.

I did make Maura an ipod case and an owl wallet too, but took no pictures, I may have to rectify that. I also just received my shipment from the Fabric Fairy and plan on making something for Maura or myself out of this great gnome fabric:

Maura and I love all the same things- it's amazing!

Here is the Totoro I made for her bedroom:

I've just got to find some good projects for the 2 older boys...stuff they won't find embarrasing! Possibly some messenger bags or pajama pants.

rollie pollie DONE!

This has been a slow moving project over the last month or so. I had meant to make it for Travis' 2nd birthday on April 8th. This pattern is available here, and is one of many totally awesome patterns by Dana on the Made website.

I got the insert done in time, but just finished the cover a few days later. I had trouble deciding which fabric to use but ended up going with this fish fabric, which was really a twin sheet set from Target. After the amount of money I spent on this project (the stuffing alone cost 40 dollars), I was glad to save a little on fabric for the cover. What I really like about this project is that I can make a new cover when we get tired of this one!
Travis loves it! I'm glad I made the larger size since my older 3 children can share it and it's big enough for them.