Friday, March 28, 2008

Check out the Dragon Treasury!

Maura has opened her own Etsy shop!

She makes polymer clay dragons and has been working on a line of original ACEO's featuring beautiful dragon artwork.

ACEO stands for Art Card Edition Original. It is a great way to collect original artwork but in a miniature form. They are the same size as trading cards and are like a portable art collection.

Maura has sold two clay dragons so far! Check out her website.

Thursday, March 27, 2008

Maura as Queen Elizabeth...

Maura's 5th grade class read biographies and did oral reports on their people. I almost died when I found out who Maura picked..I knew this costume would be most challenging. We pulled it off though without buying a thing! Every parent should own a hot glue gun! It was amazing, but she dug this dress out of the depths of her closet and suggested adding on to it. I say it was amazing because she isn't at all girly and would never wear a dress by choice, so she hardly has any!

It turned out pretty well. She already has the bright red hair so that was a bonus!

Time for a long-overdue update!


In August I found out I was pregnant with baby #4! I took a long break from Etsy and promoting my shop. I was too sick and tired early in the pregnancy. I still sewed for myself and the kids and sent out any orders that sold, but essentially took a break.

I got a burst of energy in Feb.-Mar. and have been making all sorts of goodies for my shop. Now I only have a little more than 2 weeks until my due date! I still don't have a name for the baby. It's going by too fast.

Some of my new items: