Thursday, November 18, 2010

Look out ladies! Little (reversible) menswear

Yes, I realize I'm late in finishing and posting this week's gift for the handmade holiday challenge.  But look what I was doing!

Making a reversible outfit!

I was asked to be a pattern tester for Little Lizard King Patterns newest reversible vest pattern.  This was such an easy, fun pattern to sew.  Perfect for dressing up over the holidays.  I knew I wanted to try it with menswear fabrics. 

The pants I made to match are also reversible.  One side is flannel suiting, the other is brown plaid.  All fabrics are from JoAnn's.  I made the pants reversible by making 2 pairs of pants, and sewing them wrong sides together, folding under the edges to meet.  Then I inserted elastic for the waistband.  The patch pockets are made using this tutorial found on MADE.

This will be so cute for Thanksgiving.  I'm not sure which side I like best.  All he needs now is a scali cap to complete this outfit I think.

I just found this pattern Etsy that would look so cute with this.  I can't believe it's reversible too!  I like that it comes in a wide range of sizes.  I think I have to get that one.

I promised him a lolipop for modeling!

UPDATE: This pattern is now available at Little Lizard King's Etsy shop!  I'll have to tell Travis that he had a brief modeling career!

Thursday, November 11, 2010

DMK Pea Coat for tiny T.

I had hoped to have this coat done earlier in the fall, but having it done by Thanksgiving is OK.  This is made with the DMK Trendy Unisex Pea Coat pattern.  Just now looking at the pattern online, I just realized I forgot to attach the wristbands.  Will do!

 Here is my favorite shot, he can't read so I can get away with this!

The outside is pinwale corduroy, the inside lining is this great Alexander Henry dragon print.  I added a little pocket inside for his "guys".

I just love it when I find good sewing patterns for boys!

I need to find something cool to make for his oldest brother.  It's more challenging to make something he will wear in a men's size!

linking up here for cool stuff for Guys:

Monday, November 8, 2010

Here she is, gift #1...

Clucky is done.  Maura is going to love this gift for Christmas.  I've actually had this Melly and Me Pattern since the spring. 

Maura loves chickens, and until recently had her own flock which she fed and took care of, until tragedy struck and they were killed by some kind of viscious animal that snuck into the stall one night, only one was left alive.  Maura was devastated.  She especially misses her favorite, Odin, an all white leghorn who despite a deformed foot hopped around anywhere the other hens would go.

Maura and Odin

I especially loved that this pattern has chicks that fit into the mother's wings (just like my 4 children!).  So I made one of them to look like Odin.  Maura will be so surprised!  Better go hide it now!

Next in line for the Handmade Holiday Challenge: Something for Travis!

Sunday, November 7, 2010

If I've been a bit quiet lately...

...It's because I've been working to refresh my shop a little.  It really took a backseat to sewing for my family (and myself) since spring.  I decided to make sewing for us a bigger priority, and have been very happy I did!

Here are some new things I've made the last few weeks to add to my shop and sell at my first craft fair in December:

I hope to keep updating the shop right up until Christmas.  In between I am making some handmade gifts.  I thought I'd be brave and join Emily with her Handmade Holiday Challenge. 
Emily is totally amazing.  She's also doing crafting with the stars and recently won purse week with this amazing bag design.  


Check back tomorrow to see my first finished gift!