Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Belladone Dress

A few weeks back I ordered the Belladone Dress pattern from Deer & Doe. It was sold out for a little while and it was killing me!!! I was shocked at how fast it actually arrived here from France once I ordered it though. I've seen so many exciting versions of this dress that I was excited to try it out for summer.

Here is my first try:

This one is chambray with navy blue bias tape. I also used this steampunk ray guns embroidery from Urban Threads. My only issue was that I screwed up and overlapped the back BACKWARDS! I didn't even notice the mistake until I was on to my second version of the dress. Derp!

I will insert a photo of the back here when I remember to take it.  Also my back gapes a little bit.

So onto the second, correct version:

This one is just standard quilting cotton with some little owls on it. I also tried to perfect the fit on this one by taking a little out of the back pieces.

Still a little gapey in the back depending on my posture!

I'll definitely be trying this again to get the back right, because how cool is a cutout back?! 
I've also picked up a few new patterns and fabric from Pink Chalk. They are having a sale right now!! Too many projects, so little time!

Wednesday, May 14, 2014

finished - La Sylphide

I love the name of this pattern, La Sylphide (Papercut Patterns). It just sounds beautiful. This pattern has been sitting untouched in my sewing room for about a year. I bought it as soon as I saw this version made by Lauren. Not sure why I waited so long to make it. I didn't love the pattern's cover photo, but the pattern itself was really cool. It was my first time working with Papercut patterns and I was impressed by the packaging. Everything was made of brown paper and the instruction booklet was very cute.

I chose teal lawn for this dress to match my favorite shoes! Us sewing nerds can do that, make a dress to match some shoes. (shoes: Poetic License from Modcloth)

Some slip peekage here, oops.

The assembly of the dress went very easily and the only time I was stuck I just checked the sew along  page, very helpful! This pattern can be made as a dress, peplum top or skirt. I'm curious to try another  variation. The only change I made on the pattern was to lengthen the skirt, because it's real short otherwise. I used my rolled hem foot to hem this and it worked out better than my last try, so I'm getting better at that skill.

Here's a closer one of the bow collar. Also you can see the cute flower shaped buttons I used!

I'm still posting in the Me Made May Flickr group. I have a bunch of new ideas for future sewing projects thanks to the inspiration there.

 I'm thinking next I need the Flora Dress pattern and possibly the Darling Ranges Dress, but that one is quite similar to La Sylphide. I need to concentrate on what's already waiting in my stash. It's hard not to succumb to crafter's ADD sometimes. I just want to make everything.
I have two Belladone Dresses on my sewing table now!

Monday, May 12, 2014

Me Made May days 10, 11, 12...

Hello there! It is now day 12 and I'm still going strong with wearing handmade clothing daily AND the biggest challenge for me personally...taking a photo each day!

Day 10
I can't remember what number this pattern was, but I know it was Simplicity. I made this sleeveless blouse in 2011 I think. I really like brown gingham and sort of want to buy more for a dress.

Day 11 Mother's Day
This year for Mother's Day we didn't do brunch because my 15 year old son was working (at the grocery store), but we decided to go out for a later dinner instead at the Mile Away. I had the unexpected trip to the doctor's with my youngest son in the morning so it all worked out. I had a lovely day outside in the yard once we came home and Travis was napping. I even did some sketching! The weather was perfect! I wore my Anna Dress all day. At the doctor's office the nurse wanted to know if I could make one for her, she loved it so much! I gave her the BHL website on a slip of paper since she said her mom sews.

Day 12 -Today
(Photo with my favorite dog ever, Angus.)
Today it's crazy hot here! I think it got close to 90 degrees. Travis and I went back to the doctor for a follow up, and he's feeling all better now. Later we went to see Liam running in a track meet.
I was cleaning out my drawers this morning and found this sleeveless drape top which I made at the end of last summer, I'd forgotten all about it! I works well with my khaki colored Kelly Skirt I think.

I hope I don't run out of steam, or handmade outfits before the end of May, because I like the challenge very much. I turn 40 this summer and have a bunch of portrait photos to commemorate this year, all wearing clothes I sewed myself. I know I wouldn't have bothered attempting this if it wasn't for the MMM challenge. Plus the flickr group is very inspiring!

Lady Skater dress and More MeMadeMay...

Hello! Friday morning I finished up a new Lady Skater Dress.

On Fridays, in the Me Made May flickr group there is a theme, just as another fun challenge for us, today's theme was blue.  Easy enough.

I had two blue dresses cut out and ready to sew already, but I chose this one because it's the faster of the two to make. It takes me about a day in my crazy house to assemble a knit dress.

The fabric was a jersey blend from Girl Charlee. It is very thin and drapey. It felt like sewing with a tissue at times. I just went slowly and extra carefully and it turned out fine. The thing that made the fabric hard to sew is also the thing I like about the finished dress.  It's very soft and comfortable, feels like pajamas!!

Better show the other days I've missed,
Here was yesterday's outfit:
 Another dress I forgot to show you. I made this one over a year ago! It's a Peony dress (my third) made for stretch twill from Fashion Fabrics Club. It's the same print as my new Anna Dress, but different fabric types. Obviously I love this fabric since I ordered it twice. ;P

And one more outfit to catch up on...
This was Day 7.

Another Jalie 2921 tie front top and Burdastyle Sweat Skirt. Made in 2013.  This outfit is as comfortable as they come. 

Check out the Flickr group 

Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Nettie and Kelly - finished!

Can I just say that Heather Lou is 2 for 2 in my book. Last summer I bought and made her first pattern, the Bombshell Swimsuit and it's my favorite swimsuit ever. A few days ago she released her second pattern, the Nettie Bodysuit and it doesn't disappoint! I taped the pattern together yesterday and I have a perfect bodysuit today, even though I was distracted and had to stop what I was doing 50 times. Just like her first pattern, it's very well written and easy to follow. There is also a sew along coming up!
I probably won't stop until I have one in every color.

For my first bodysuit, I made the medium back option. This pattern comes with a ton of options. This is just the ticket for all my high-waist skirts that need a tucked in shirt. This fabric is cotton spandex from Girl Charlee, just the thing recommended in the pattern, and it worked out perfectly. I put this together only with the serger and overstitch machine except for the snap crotch. Super speedy project!

I'm wearing it with my Megan Nielsen Kelly Skirt. Actually the second Kelly I've made, that's how far behind I am posting these things. I love the skirt, it's like a sherbet pink color that makes me really happy. The fabric I used was stretch twill from Fashion Fabrics Club.

I'm liking participating in Me Made May this year because it gives me a kick to post these home-sewn outfits that I might otherwise have forgotten to show you.

Here was yesterdays' outfit:

A mash-up of the tiramisu dress and the Jalie crossover top in green interlock, made about a year ago.

And Sunday's:

A Megan Nielsen cropped Briar Top in orange interlock that I made last fall.

Saturday, May 3, 2014

MMM Day 3 - Colette Parfait

One of my favorite recent dresses, the Colette Parfait Dress, I wore to the baby shower today.

I'll definitely be using this pattern again! It was fun to put together. I used a quilting cotton from JoAnn's this time because I desperately needed a blue and white polka dot dress. Next time I will use a pink twill, I already have the zipper so I'm all ready to go.

I really like the pockets on this dress, and the little button tabs. Mine seem to angle. I wonder if this is part of the design or my mistake? I'll have to pay attention on my next try!

Friday, May 2, 2014

A Baby Shower!

Once again, when I get invited to a baby shower I tend to go a little nuts with making baby stuff! This time it's a boy who will be born at the end of June. Tomorrow is the shower which I'm dragging taking Maura to, it's for my husband's cousin, Meghan.

Here's my show and tell before I hand it all over tomorrow. I hope she likes them!

 Gown 0-3 months (pattern: fish sticks designs)

 lap tee and pants set 3-6 months (pattern: fishsticks designs)

Teddy Bear (pattern: Dolls and Daydreams)

hippo bib (my own design)

it's reversible

close up of the embroidery (download from Urban Threads)

Now that I got that out of my system, time for some more selfish sewing!!

Me Made May 2014

Hello everyone! May is here. 
This year I'm finally going to officially take part in Me Made May.  Here is my personal pledge:

'I, Kim Mullen of CraftyNHmom, sign up as a participant of Me-Made-May '14. I endeavour to wear one self-made item of clothing each day for the duration of May 2014'

I think this will help me understand my handmade wardrobe better. I will see what pieces are needed to fill in the gaps. Also I hope to catch up on all the un-blogged makes that may have fallen through the cracks. My biggest challenge will be to take a daily photo, I can't promise I will keep up,
but I will try!

Here is what I have so far!
Day 1:

A Lady Skater dress (unblogged) made about a month ago with a metallic pin dot from Girl Charlee


Day 2's crappy iPhone photo:

the Jamie Christina Mission Maxi (also unblogged)
I made this in September 2013 and have worn the heck out of it! 
Love this pattern so much.

Check out all the handmade clothing in the MMM flickr group!

Tuesday, April 8, 2014

completed - Anna Dress

My indoor photos are so bad!
 I'm so looking forward to taking photos in the yard again hopefully very soon.

MOST of our SNOW has melted by now, so I really feel like spring is around the corner. This time of year I really feel like making summer dresses! 

I made the version with the v-neck, maxi length with slit.

I read all the raves about this pattern, the Anna Dress from By Hand London and I have to say I agree! This pattern is easy to make and flattering too.  I love feeling dressed up, but in comfy clothes. I'm sure I will be wearing this all summer!

The facts:
pattern: Anna Dress
fabric: brown floral cotton from Fashion Fabrics Club (almost 4 yards)
notions: invisible zip
cost: $16 fabric, $3 zipper=$19
time to complete: 3 days
recommend: Yes! I want to make more, like now.
ok for kid wrangling? yes.

I'm sewing along with these ladies in honor of Roisin's upcoming wedding! I only wish my shoe collection could live up to the challenge. 

Check out the Dolly Clackett Blog for some amazing sewing inspiration.

Tuesday, April 1, 2014

finally - Plaid Colette Macaron

This dress has been in my head for a long time! It's funny how it only took a few days to turn it into reality. I'm looking forward to experimenting more with the pattern using different fabric combos.

 Pattern: Colette Macaron

 Fabric used: Olive Plaid Sateen from Fashion Fabrics Club
This fabric was medium weight and worked well to hold the structure of the pleats.

Fitting: This dress fit well out of the envelope. I made a size 10. With the side zipper it can be a little tricky to get over your head! Once it's on, it's comfortable though. I wore this dress to Busch Gardens and rode a bunch of roller coasters in it!

I like the casual but unique design of the dress. I will definitely sew it again!

Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Mad Men Dress Challenge

I am happy to announce I have finally managed to sew along with the annual Mad Men Dress Challenge over at Julia Bobbin!  The past two years the due date for submitting dresses has passed me by, so I am so happy she is hosting it again!

And of course I had to go a with Joan Holloway inspired dress...

Like everyone else, I positively love Joan's style. There are so many of her outfits I'd like to own.  

The pattern I used is from Gertie's Book for Better Sewing.  I've had the book since the week it came out and my plan from the beginning was to make the cover dress. I'm so glad I finally took the plunge. I made a muslin first to work out any fitting issues, but the fit was perfect. I took a little out of the hip area at the end.  My only problem with making this dress was inserting the gussets! Man was that hard! I broke a sweat each time I inserted one in the underarm seam, and went very very slowly. When I had them inserted properly I felt like I needed a shot of whiskey or something (not really since I almost never drink anymore!), but it was worth the trouble. I like the close fitting kimono sleeves on this dress very much.

My fabric is some kind of stretch "bottom weight" from JoAnn. It has some weight to it, so it's good for winter. I may end up wearing this dress for Easter since I feel like winter will never end this year! I usually buy fabric online these days but once in awhile I find the perfect thing at JoAnn's.

  I added the pleated detail to the sleeve on a whim, I like it!

Here is one of the back:

I'm super excited for the sew-along to end so I can see what everyone else made!