Wednesday, May 30, 2007


Today was a full day.

I attended a Memorial Day program in the town center, where my two oldest children performed music with their classes (they never once looked up and noticed me!! No mom points on that one I guess). It was a beautiful day. Not a cloud in the sky, and the perfect temperature.

My daughter is the redhead with the red and white skirt. Kind of a far-away shot I know!

It absolutely killed her to wear that skirt by the way..lets just say she's not really the girly type.

Later on I worked on my latest creation, a new bag/purse to sell on ETSY.

I decided to name it the Jenn purse after two of my friends named Jenn who recently visited me way the hell out here in the NH hills. --I hope they found their way home okay. Come to think of it I haven't heard from them..

Then I went to a tee-ball game for my youngest son. I met another mom there who bought a purse and a painting from me!

This is the painting..

This is the purse...

It was a great day!

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