Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Liam and Big Teddy

Big Teddy or "BBT", Big Bad Teddy was originally marketed as the 'Milennium Bear' at a major department store. He had a red knitted sweater with a heart on it. He was purchased by Jim's Aunt Maureen to be used as a decoration in her house. When she and Uncle Frank moved and downsized to a condo in 2005, they had a yard sale. She generously invited all her relatives to come early and have anything they liked. That was the day Liam first met Big Teddy.

Liam is a 6 year old collector of teddy bears. Since that day, Liam and Big Teddy have had many adventures. Since coming to live with us, Big Teddy has lost the red sweater (it unravelled) and gained a quasi-construction worker, lovable but mean big brother attitude. He has been known to pick fights with other stuffed animals in the house, and has even been accused of ingesting smaller teddy bears. Last week he crashed Liam's jeep.

We all love Big Teddy, you never know what he'll do next! I am planning a new shirt for him with a skull and crossbones with teddy ears. Liam loves it each night when we tuck him in with Big Teddy at night, he's so big and soft,"Goodnight Big Teddy." Big Teddy says,"You're squishing me kid, get off me."

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