Monday, August 23, 2010

A Productive Birthday

                                                  This week was my 36th birthday!

For my birthday gift I got a Silhouette SD Machine!  I've been seeing them all over the web and it looked like a fun toy.  So I took advantage of a blog promotion on V and Co. Blog and got one for myself.

Here are a few of the things I've made in the last few days:

This is a dress that I had splattered bleach on.  I used the heat transfer to cover the bleach spots with these birds.  I have yet to wash it, so I'm holding my breath.  I'm worried this will wash off!

I made this vinyl decal by scanning a sketch I made of Totoro. 
Of course I had to do a little scrapbooking.  I have a ton of time to catch up on.  I think it will be easier now that I no longer have to buy stickers for the words and I can print them myself.  I'm setting a goal of one layout per week.  I'd rather be sewing, but my kids enjoy these albums so much!!

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