Wednesday, November 16, 2011

It must be easy if I can do it!

I've been a bad blogger lately.  I'm still sewing, but seem to have lost my mojo for taking pictures.  Hopefully I can start to catch up.  It also doesn't help that every blogging app for my iPad crashes and burns.  Has anyone found a good blogging app for iPad?  Does such a thing exist yet?

So I've been in the mood to knit or crochet.  I'm an extreme beginner and have only made scarves and one headband.  When  I purchased a few easy patterns on etsy which claimed to be for beginners, I was frustrated that they seemed difficult to understand.  I even turned to my handy Knitting/Crocheting references, but no, still too confusing.  For instance, when crocheting a hat, at the beginning you are instructed to make a chain of only two stitches and then make multiple stitches into each of these two original stitches.  When I tried that it turned into a huge ugly knot!  So I turned to Ravelry.  I found this great pattern , which is actually suited for a beginner.  It turned out to be right at my level.  It was my first time using stitch markers and my first time seaming pieces together.  My daughter, Maura loves them!  

And since I am so far behind in posting projects,
 it's probably now or never to show you our Halloween photos:

Ms. Maura as Jesse from Team Rocket.

I made her top using Jalie Pattern 2453, I just changed the shape and shortened it.  I also cut the sleeves a bit larger to get a puffed sleeve look.  I made her Pokeball candy bag so people would have a hint that she's a character from Pokemon.  (I love it that she is almost 15 and is still into Pokemon, she's hanging onto that childhood!)

And I am sure these guys need no introduction:
James and Travis as the Mario Brothers
The only thing I made here was the Power Up treat bag, which was fine since sewing Halloween costumes isn't my favorite kind of project.

and last but not least, Liam the old-time gangster:

We are off to Disney soon, but I hope to get some projects done before then.  I'm very slowly drafting an Octoberfest dress for myself (I know it's November).  I had visions of wearing it in the beer garden at Epcot Germany.
Maybe it will be done before next October?

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