Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Mr. Stripey Pajamas

When Travis was a little baby I dressed him in stripes so often he gained the nickname "Mr. Stripey".  
The very last time I sewed anything for him to wear was back in October when I was told by him he didn't want me to make him any "shirts" anymore.  Since then his attitude in general has improved and we noted just the other day, not wanting to jinx the situation, that he's been much more agreeable for the last month or so.  Let's hope it keeps up!

So I made him these striped pajamas.  He likes them so much he doesn't want to take them off!  That's a good sign.

This pattern can be found in Stitch Magazine, which I bought as a back issue. 
 I downloaded the additional add-on of larger sizes (up to 5T) from Fishsticks Designs Blog.  It was a very quick and easy pattern to work with, I highly recommend it!

Snuggling with his brother early in the morning before school.

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