Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Valentine's Beignet

disclaimer: I just had to get some photos on the blog since it's my Valentine's Day skirt, and so I settled for these crappy shots!

I let Travis play with my camera's tripod, and amazingly enough the piece that holds on the camera is now MIA.  That means I had to wait until Liam got home from school to take the photos and because he isn't used to the new prime lens (he actually is a great photographer) AND we were running late for the orthodontist, this is all we got!  
Either my legs were cut off or it was blurry.
I'm sure all parents out there can relate to being in a big rush.

 The pattern is the Colette Beignet.  This is my first time using 
Colette Patterns and I wasn't disappointed.  
I went on and immediately scooped up the Peony Dress Pattern and the Ginger Skirt Pattern.  So look for versions of those coming up soon!

I made this out of thick red corduroy, and planned on wearing it out for dinner with my husband for Valentine's Day to my favorite restaurant, the Bedford Village Inn.  So we went a week early and this wasn't done,  it's an excuse to go back soon!  

Originally I wasn't interested in all the high-waisted skirts because I'm not one to tuck in my shirts, I look like I'm all legs, but the trend is starting to grow on me.

I really love the shaping on the skirt made by the panels, there are no darts!  I followed the directions exactly and the skirt came out very professional inside and out.  I lined it with Bemberg and it was a slippery devil, but I worked slowly and used lots of pins. 
I would definitely make another Beignet!

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  1. This is gorgeous! I've been sitting on my Beignet pattern for like a year - I think it's time to make it! Yours is to die for! :D

    1. Thanks, Sarah! I'd love to see yours. I'm stalking the Colette patterns Flickr group like mad! It wasn't too hard, I just had to go really slowly attaching the slippery lining!