Wednesday, November 6, 2013

I can't believe I built stuff!

Hello readers!  I't been forever since I posted here on the blog.  
I'm still around and still sewing.  Only now I have another obsession hobby, building! This sort of became my middle-of-summer sewing replacement, since my sewing room is in an attic, and it's very hot up there.

Last Christmas I bought myself Ana White's book, the Handbuilt Home, which has had me dying to try building.  This summer we cleaned out the garage and bought the needed tools.  My first project was this headboard.  I had been looking for a basic black wood headboard for quite awhile, now my quest is at an end.  I was shocked how easy and fun it was!! 

Building seems just like sewing to me. Cut raw materials up, fasten back together following directions. I like how clear Ana's plans are, very easy to follow.

So with that under my belt, I took a huge leap and went for the project in the book that I loved best.  Since the time my teens were toddlers I've been salivating over the Pottery Barn Bedford Project Table. The price was outrageous though. So now for the price of the shipping alone ($150), I have my own project table. 

I love all the storage built in here. Two people can sit across from each other.  It's perfect for drawing or crafting together.  

Now that the weather's getting cold, I'm back in my sewing room. Hopefully next summer I can build a new dining room table, like this one.  Check out Ana's site for all kinds of gorgeous, free furniture plans.

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