Monday, November 8, 2010

Here she is, gift #1...

Clucky is done.  Maura is going to love this gift for Christmas.  I've actually had this Melly and Me Pattern since the spring. 

Maura loves chickens, and until recently had her own flock which she fed and took care of, until tragedy struck and they were killed by some kind of viscious animal that snuck into the stall one night, only one was left alive.  Maura was devastated.  She especially misses her favorite, Odin, an all white leghorn who despite a deformed foot hopped around anywhere the other hens would go.

Maura and Odin

I especially loved that this pattern has chicks that fit into the mother's wings (just like my 4 children!).  So I made one of them to look like Odin.  Maura will be so surprised!  Better go hide it now!

Next in line for the Handmade Holiday Challenge: Something for Travis!


  1. So beautiful! I have seen those Melly and Me patterns before, they're so lovely! What a great Christmas gift!

  2. This is so cute! I love the fabrics you used. You did an amazing job and I'm sure that your daughter will treasure this gift.