Thursday, March 3, 2011

Celebrating The Boy - Tees For Two

I'm finally shaking off the winter blues and getting into some spring sewing.  This year Dana and Rae are hosting another Celebrate The Boy series, which happens to be my very favorite blog series of ALL TIME.  Just like last year, I can't wait to check my computer each day to see what cool boy ideas they and their guests have.  It always gets me motivated to sew more.

I made these two Tee For Two (patterns by figgy's) shirts for Travis for spring!

  This one is made from a women's shirt (Walmart clearance) and some green interlock knit.

This Oswald shirt is my favorite!  Travis is all about Oswald.  We watch that show daily.  I just wish they made more than one season!!  Henry the penguin is my favorite (his voice is actually Squiggy from Laverne & Shirley!).  Travis loves the dog Weenie.  

I really enjoyed sewing this pattern.  It was so quick to make and fun to design the appliques.  This is the before photo:
The appliques were both made with leftover t-shirt scraps.  I used Heat N Bond Lite.  I just draw my shapes on the paper side, then iron it onto my scraps.  Next I cut on the drawn line, fuse to fabric and stitch around the shapes on my project.  Very easy!  
These t-shirt scrap appliques won't fray, so no worries when stitching them on.  Just a plain straight or narrow zig zag stitch is fine.

All we need now is some spring weather.  It's about 10 degrees here in New Hampshire as I type this!


  1. Love these tees! :) I don't have this pattern but it looks really cute.

  2. I LOVE these shirts! I saw them in the CTB Flikr pool. I'm thinking of buying the T for 2 pattern as well. Great job!

  3. Love the Oswald tee! Now my daughter wants one! :)