Wednesday, April 20, 2011

2nd Jamie dress

It's amazing to me how you can make two dresses from the same pattern and one is a success and the other not-so-much.  The dress went together easily enough.  Maybe it was my choice of fabric, but I'm really not liking the second version.

I actually took a few inches out of the skirt/gathering this time around, but it looks even more voluminous than the last jamie dress.  After 4 kids I'm a little sensitive about looking bigger around the waist.

This is the best photo I got:

This was the worst:
ICK!!  What happened in the back of the dress?  Still pondering that.  I may have done that when I tried to force the front and back waistbands to match up.  Maybe I can still rescue this dress.

In this one I think I'm holding down the poofiness of the skirt subconciously.  This dress will have to go back to the drawing board if I want to wear it out in public.


  1. I do like this one too, and the color, but it doesn't fall on you the same way that your first one did. I think it's great, just a different kind of a dress, more casual looking? Does that make sense?

  2. I really like the fabric you used with this dress. I like to try different fabrics with the same pattern. Now did you disgn this yourself or is it a pattern. If it is a pattern which one is it.

  3. Lovely dress. It looks good on you. No one would know you've had 4 kids had you not said so. Great job!

  4. I saw your dress on Pink Chalk, yay for you!!