Thursday, October 6, 2011

PBF cozy fall outfit

I've been doing plenty of sewing. I haven't felt much like taking photos! It's been a very rainy autumn in New Hampshire. Not very good for photography, just check out these gloomy photos.

Travis' cozy fall outfit
Details: shirt is Pattern's By Figgy's Tee For Two. Kickin' Back Sweatpants made with a pattern from their new book, Sewing For Boys
Fabric is cut from an Old Navy maxi dress that I snagged on clearance.

He actually told me he didn't want me to make him "shirts" anymore. The little stinker. Too bad I've invested so much in patterns and fabric for him! I'm thinking I will take a break from sewing for him for awhile, though, and sew for those who appreciate it more ( ie. Myself! ...and Maura, James and Liam who have been asking for specific items from me lately).

But first I will post pictures of his completely awesome but ill-fitting Team Rocket sweatshirt, that's next!

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