Thursday, October 6, 2011

Prepare for trouble...

The Team Rocket Motto:

Prepare for trouble...
...And make it double

To protect the world from devistation... unite all peoples within our nation.

To Denonunce the evils of truth and love...
...To extend our reach to the stars above.
Team Rocket blast off at the speed of light...
...surrender now or prepare to fight.


I think he may really be working for Team Rocket, or at least he wants to.
All of my kids love Pokemon, so no surprise he does too. I decided he needed a villain sweatshirt, and as villains go, Team Rocket is pretty funny and harmless.

So this sweatshirt was made using the All The Rage Raglans pattern. I guess it wasn't stretchy enough fabric (sweatshirt fleece from JoAnn), so it was too tight to fit comfortably over his head. I got creative with the zipper, and I love the look, but guess what, it's still too tight! He put it on for the pictures, but this one isn't going to fit. Too bad!

I mean, check out this awesome pokeball on the back. His 14 year old sister is so jealous, she wants one too. She is going as Jessie for Halloween (I guess I should get started).

Like I said in my earlier post, Travis is getting tough to sew for. Being very fiery and seriously strong-willed, he's been rejecting the clothes I make recently. I know he's trying to get me going, so I'm staying cool. I can focus on other projects for awhile. Besides, getting photos of him in the clothes is exhausting!!

So, next on the list:
Baby shower gifts, Jessie costume for Maura, and skirt for me! That's the short list.

I'll leave you with a photo of all 4 kids I took a few days ago, it's rare to get a decent group photo of them all, so I'll take it!

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