Thursday, June 14, 2012

Colettefest 2012

I must be addicted!  Here are two more projects made using Colette Patterns.

First up, because I have a mortal weakness to sew-alongs, the Hazel Dress:

I'm very happy to be taking part in Sew Colette 2.0.
I watched with intent interest while they made each item from the Colette Sewing Handbook this spring, making mental notes about future projects.  Check out the Flickr Group for the sew along.  I have the book and plan on continuing my personal Colettefest by sewing some of those patterns.

This is really a first draft for this pattern, a wearable muslin.  I've got some floral gauze ready to go for version #2.  I cut a size 10 as usual for Colette Patterns.  The bodice was a little big so I took a little of the excess fabric out at the side seams and zipper.  Maybe I'll cut a size smaller next time.

Next I give you the Jasmine Top:

I took this photo today after spending hours having my car worked on, I'm surprised it's not more wrinkled!  I ran into another mom I know at the store and she asked me if I'm substitute teaching, and she gestured to my outfit!  Too funny.  It must look teacher-ish!

Here's today's very "blue" look, with my denim ginger skirt.

Travis helps with my camera remote.
Speaking of cameras, I snapped this photo early this morning:
I think he's adorable, even though he's caused me so much misery.  
My poor dog, Angus was quilled just about 5 days ago.  This definitely could be the culprit!  Angus is doing fine now, but had to be taken to the Vet Emergency room, and it cost us close to $500!  I just hope Angus has learned his lesson, but that was his second time being quilled, so I'm going to try real hard to keep him in the fenced backyard if he insists on going out at night!


  1. I love Colette, too!!! Get ready to sew the Iris shorts next month for the shorts on the line sewalong! K?! haha!

    1. You read my mind! I don't usually wear shorts, but Iris is tempting me. I think I'm in!