Friday, July 20, 2012

Quick summer projects

Ah, summer..It's been a very nice summer so far! 
                                We've been getting tons of use out of our pool.  

I haven't been able to sew very much with the heat. 
 Maybe moving my sewing area into the attic wasn't such a good idea!!
Anyway here are a few of the projects I have managed to do!

A Robot sun hat for Travis.

He wears this every day, which is great since this fella sure doesn't need any more freckles.

Pretending to be a lifeguard and "saving" his brother.
The other short and easy project I made for Travis were these recycled T-Shirt boxers:

These boxers are so soft, and work well for summer pajamas too!
Pattern for these is the Undercover Bottoms Boxer Briefs.
Earlier in the spring, I bought all 3 Alabama Chanin books, including the latest, Alabama Studio Sewing + Design, and wow, what eye-candy those books are.  I want to make so many things from those books.  Because I don't need a machine for these projects (or be locked in a sweltering hot room), I made a few things from the book, I'll show you those next!

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  1. Can you put those underwears into the Shorts on the line flickr group!? I seriously love them! And I secretly know how much you love sewalongs... haha!