Monday, January 14, 2013

First project of 2013 - Cozy Sweatshirt Tunic

Here is a casual project that's been on my to-do list for quite awhile...

It's a quirky tunic length hoodie, European style! The pattern is Deborah by Mamu Design
Warm shirts are at the top of my sewing list right now. Christmas sewing is over and now it's just plain old winter. This hoodie fits the bill perfectly because it's cozy and fun. It also has a pocket for my ice cold hands!
I didn't make any adjustments to the pattern except shortening it just a bit. I could have fitted it a bit more as it is baggy in the waist. I may do that later on.

The fabric is interlock from Fabric Fix in Manchester, NH and the floral knit is from Girl Charlee.

I'm really not sure what to make next. I have project overload right now. I might need to make a list and prioritize so I don't waste time staring at my stacks of patterns and fabric.

 Recent acquisitions include: Sisters of Edwardia blouse and tiramisu dress from Cake Patterns, Angel Bootcut Jeans by Angela Wolf (which I am a little afraid of). I also got a few new books for Christmas including this amazing fashion book that I can't pull myself away from!!

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