Monday, January 14, 2013

Operation Incognito - Sewing for School

Our school has a really awesome fundraiser each winter!  It goes like this...

Each class has a theme such as "Let's Go to the Movies" or "Let's Build Something", and each child brings in one or more items for that theme basket.  The baskets are wrapped in clear cellophane and raffled off at the Winter Festival.  This is a great fundraiser because each item is donated and all of the money made from raffle tickets goes to our school and directly benefits the kids.

My preschooler's class theme this year is "Let's Dress Up".  I specifically wanted to donate an item that was fun for girls or boys, since we all know boys sometimes get jipped in the dress up department.

I found this sewing pattern at just the right moment!

Get yours here on Craftsy!

It also comes with instructions for a yellow felt envelope to keep it all in, but I had only smaller felt pieces and I also wanted to position them so they will all be on display in the theme basket.

Travis really wants to win one of the baskets this year, he's saving up his money for tickets!

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