Friday, June 7, 2013

Finished Colette Taffy

Hello again!  I'm getting really far behind in posting my finished projects, really because I hate taking photos of myself!!  

Yesterday I was on my way to my yearly IEP meeting at the school, and I always try to look smart for that, so I had James snap a few photos in the driveway.

Here is my version of the Colette Taffy Blouse.  The pattern for this is included in the Colette Sewing Handbook.  This is my second make from the book in recent weeks.  I also made the Meringue Skirt, which of course I need to photograph.

This blouse was fun to make and definitely fun to wear.  The sleeves are ginormous circles.  I made this in some type of light polyester that has a nice silky feel.  I got it when I ordered "navy voile" from Fashion Fabrics Club.  Usually I have overwhelming success shopping there, but once in awhile I get a fabric I wasn't expecting.  This one worked out perfectly for the Taffy though.

The sleeves are kind of crazy, I like them.

I highly recommend The Colette Sewing Handbook. It has so many patterns, techniques and beautiful full color photos.  I only have one gripe to mention.  I really wish the patterns were printed on real paper instead of tissue, so they would be easier to trace and keep.  I wasn't able to trace my meringue skirt pattern, and had to use the original tissue pieces because the ink on the tissue paper was too light to see through the tracing paper without losing my mind.  Luckily my skirt fit perfectly in the size I cut and I won't need a larger size.  

Speaking of skirts, I am honored to be a judge again for Crafterhours Skirt Week!!
Check out all of the amazing skirt tutorials to jump start your summer wardrobe.  
Then make sure to vote for your favorite skirts in the reader's choice poll coming up!


I'll leave you with this photo of my ninja and me:

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