Thursday, April 15, 2010

2 new T- shirts

Shirt #1-- Chillin with my gnomies -- Sweet gnome fabric from and made from an old out of print Simplicity pattern with a few t-shirt options. This was the very first time I have sewn for my little girl using a women's size pattern (boo hoo). She was never one for frilly dresses anyway. I measured her and used size 8. This is her new favorite shirt!! I like how it fits, compared to #2!

Shirt #2-- Raven freezer paper stencil on an Old Navy brand shirt size small. It is kind of an icky fit for a 13 year old, geez Old Navy!, and I'm not even a prude. Because of her long arms and torso, I've started to buy ladies size small for her. Anyways not crazy about this fit, but we like the raven!

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