Wednesday, April 28, 2010

I finished it! My entry for Spring Top Week 2010

whoa, I just made it. The flickr pool closes on friday!

I made this top in navy blue because I was going for a basic top which would mix well into my spring/summer wardrobe. Then I decided it was a little too plain and jazzed it up with a freezer paper stencil in light blue.

Here I am freezing to death trying to get a decently lit picture! Wow is it cold in NH today.

Here is the back of the top. (with a few raindrops)

I used this pattern, New Look 6713, which I recently purchased for 25 cents!! Considering the incredible amount I spend on supplies and craft books, I'm pretty proud of that!
This pattern was easy to make, I would make it again in another color.

I finally get one of these awesome buttons! Thanks to Rae for the inspiration!


  1. This turned out so cute!

    I have a weekly blog party especially for people to share the things they've made to be worn. Stop by if you'd like!

  2. Thank you Andrea! I love your blog!