Friday, June 4, 2010

The hardest way is not always the best way...

Today during the T-Bomb's nap I decided I would make something for James' upcoming 6th grade auction.

It's a really cool idea they've had at the school. For the last quarter of the year in 6th grade the kids earn "money" printed with the teachers faces! Each week they 'earn' money for coming to school, they can also earn extra money for good deeds and have to pay money for bad deeds. Then at the end they have a big auction where they can spend their money on donated items. I should have done this earlier, but as is my style, started to think about this today.

I know there is usually a shortage of boy items, so after racking my brain for gender-neutral items to make, I settled on ipod or phone cases. I'm working on a Domo case right now, just look at the mess I make! Here is the finished Domo case. I fought with the fleece a little and ended up with kind of a lopsided face! Maybe it adds to the charm? Maybe not? I'm out of time today. I'm hoping to get some more sewing time this weekend!

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