Tuesday, June 29, 2010

a new summer dress

I feel quite guilty looking at the stack of fabric I have waiting to be turned into sundresses. I finally finished one!

This is made with New Look 6974, which while searching for a link I have found is out of print! The fabric is by Kitty Yoshida, City Girl Espresso Pinwheel which I bought at FabbyFabric.

I really like some of the new New Look patterns. I'm so glad pattern manufacturers are finally getting a clue! That being said, I did have to lower the neckline on this dress because it was too high/matronly for me. I wanted it to look more like the halter dresses I buy at the Gap and J Crew. I also really like the long skirt included in this pattern!!! I've made these twice, and will probably make more. I'm not much for shorts in the summer and wear mostly dresses and skirts, so those long skirts are a staple for me.

Next up, summer robot pajamas for Maura...

1 comment:

  1. that dress looks fantastic! and the fit is beautiful too. way to go! thanks for the nice words about the chickens; i guess it is an age-old battle...