Thursday, September 9, 2010

even more fall clothes!

Here is a new outfit for Travis.  The raglan t shirt is made with one of my all time favorite go-to patterns, New Look 6932.   The skateboard graphic is from my Silhouette SD machine, cut from freezer paper and painted in with tulip soft fabric paint.
So it's looks like it's for pajamas.  It's great for all kinds of comfortable clothes.
The pants are upcycled from some Land's End pants my mom gave me, I loved the stripes, but for some reason the butt was SO baggy.  Not very flattering. 

Here is one of my new favorite shirts for Travis:
Another version of the MADE 90 minute shirt which is becoming quite a staple of Travis' wardrobe all year round. This is made with one of those short sleeved colored t shirts I see on sale everywhere this fall.  I got this batch 5 for $10 at Walgreens Pharmacy!  Travis is a fan of the Aquabats because he loves them on Yo Gabba Gabba.  He looks pretty somber in this picture but earlier he was dancing and singing the Aquabats songs he knows.

I'm really enjoying sewing up fall/winter clothes for the kids since the weather has gotten a bit cooler.  I've decided to participate in Kids Clothes Week Challenge at Elsie Marley .  It is Sept. 20-26th.  I can't wait for it to start!!  I'm going to make a few shirts for my 13 year old daugther as well as a this unisex hoodie from Heidi and Finn.  Should be fun! 


  1. I love the outfit and the t shirt! I am obsessed with freezer paper stencils. You chose such cut ones! I am not too familiar with the Silhouette... Does it cut out designs into the freezer paper????

  2. Thanks!! Yes it does cut out freezer paper stencils (one of the reasons I had to have it for my birthday). I was able to cut out more intricate designs with it than by hand. You can also use it to cut out iron ons too.


  3. ok. it's official. i'm in bloglove with you.

    I LOVE the Aquabats. I got to see them early last year and letme tell you they put on an AMAZING show!

    My little boy loves them too, he gets super excited everytime I put on pool party!