Friday, September 17, 2010

Sewing cool stuff for boys is possible.

So Liam is my most fashion-concious child.  He is the most picky about what he will and won't wear.  He's a hard client to design for.  This hoodie meets his tough standards.  It's made from a clearance T-shirt I picked up in a size 2XL.  I can't imagine why someone wearing a 2XL would avoid bright yellow with a flashy design.  Anyway, yellow is Liam's favorite color and he loves graffiti-like designs, so I picked it up.  

This is my 3rd hoodie using this hoodie pattern by LBB
I've been accumulating quite a few knit fabric scraps, so I just bought this toddlers undies pattern so I can recycle the scraps and make Travis some cool underwear at the same time.  I love recycled clothes.

But first I have to start and finish Maura's costume for halloween and King Richard's Faire, which we take her to every year for her birthday.  I'm really nervous about messing this up since I've already spent 70 bucks on the supplies!  I'll post it when it's done, wish me luck.

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