Thursday, September 23, 2010

KCWC - Day 4

For day 4, I wanted a fun, easy project.  So I stuck with one of my favorite patterns right now, the LBB hoodie.  This is my 4th one to date!
This one is made from his older brother's outgrown T-shirt.  I wanted to use the basketball graphic, so I used it as a reverse applique.  I found a good technique for that here from That Darn Cat.
I used to think that sports-themed boys clothes were cliche.  Then I had boys, and I realized that most boys get pretty excited about certain sports!!  Travis included.  He LOVES basketball and football.  I guess there's a reason why so many boys say "ball" as one of their first words.
My favorite part of this hoodie is the basketball on the back!  I used my silhouette machine to cut this heat transfer.  I finally figured those out after a few failures.  Tip for Silhouett heat transfer: Press hard while ironing on, and WALK AWAY while it cools completely...lets just say I found it hard not to peel it off while it's still warm, my bad. 
He likes it!


  1. Oh my gosh, I love this! I totally have to get this pattern now. I checked out her etsy shop earlier and there weren't any available. I'll have to check back again.

    You are making some adorable, awesome stuff this week! I love seeing great stuff for little men. :)

  2. Thanks, Emily! With 3 boys I am so glad there are now sewing patterns that are cool, that they would actually wear.

    BTW Lil Blue Boo now has patterns on Big Cartel, so you can buy and download in one can get one here:

  3. That is such a cute hoodie ! What a lovely design.