Wednesday, October 6, 2010

fishy pajamas and a peasant boy!

Here are the latest projects:
Travis' pajamas made from scraps of his rollie pollie.  This pattern is New Look 6932.  I added this fishy with some orange t-shirt scaps I had.

We went to the faire this past weekend, so I whipped up this muffin hat for Liam.  He wanted to be a peasant:

I found a good video tutorial here, how to make a lined muffin hat.  I have to say this one was way better quality than the ones they were selling there.  So make a muffin hat, don't buy one!

More photos of the faire:
Maura's outfit, the cloak came in handy, it was cold!!

the Big Cat Show

ye olde sandbox?

of course the Tiny Terror would have NOTHING TO DO with the knight's tabbard I made for him.  Little stinker, I should have known! 

I'm thinking of making Tiny T. a fall/winter coat.  I will have to install a padlock on the zipper somehow since he is adamant not to wear any kind of coat or sweatshirt.  I got this adorable DMK Warm Hoodie pattern, and also this one, DMK Trendy Pea Coat.  I can't wait to try out one of those.



  1. 1. The rolie polie is awesome! was it hard to makes?
    2. Love the muffin hat!
    3. I have those DMK patterns too! I forgot to add seam allowances to the pea coat, so it came out too small. :(

  2. Thanks so much for leaving me a comment, you make my day! :)

    The rolie polie had it's moments of swearing. I printed out the pattern weird or something, it didn't match good when I put the seams together, and also it was hard to stitch closed on the machine (as is directed). That being said, it is hand's down the greatest thing I've ever made for my kids. They are using it right this minute!! I'm so glad I made it. I love how it is two pieces and I can make a new cover later on.

    Thanks for the tip on the pea coat. I hope mine comes out as cute as yours!

  3. Those pj's and muffin hat are so cute. I made a bean bag for my oldest son when he was 1--14 years ago. I don't know what ever happened to it, but I sure do miss it.

  4. Your blog is adorable. Thanks for sharing! Can't wait to see more Silhouette posts. I just got one, and I'm trying to learn the ins and out, mostly for clothing and applique vs. scrapbooking and paper crafts. I'll definitely be back.

  5. that muffin hat looks AWESOME! He looks like a trnedy little hippie!