Monday, April 16, 2012

spring tops 2 & 3

My goal this year was to make 4 tops for Made By Rae's Spring Top Sew Along, and I'm almost there!  Not sure whether I'll finish all 4 in time, but it's been fun trying.

This one was made using the LBB Pieced Tunic Pattern.  The fabric is Modal knit, like spandex.  It's very lightweight.  I shortened it to more of a shirt length, I only had one yard of this fabric and I used it all!

This was very quick to make!  I'm not sure why this project didn't get done sooner.  I've made this pattern before for my friend, Sharon, and it looks great on her!  I highly recommend this pattern.
This version is very light and seems like it's even moisture-wicking.  This is my new favorite shirt for working around the yard!

Here is Spring Top #3:

 It was made especially to match this skirt that I made last summer.

The pattern I used was the basic T shirt pattern included in the book Sew U Home Stretch.
I followed the directions for altering the pattern and making it a tank.  
Then I decided it needed something so I put it on my dressform and stared pinning pleats at the neckline.  Once I liked the arrangement, I just sewed it on.
The fabric is interlock from JoAnn's I had laying around.
So those are my spring tops so far!  The first one is here.  Check out the flickr group for some great inspiration.  There's still time to enter!


  1. I love the added pleats! It just makes it on the tank! And I like how you continued it onto the back of the shirt, too! :) Super cute!

  2. I love these! Both these tops are so pretty!

  3. Hey Kim! Can you email me? I want to ask you something :)

  4. Those are really cute! I especially like the pieced tunic top with the print, but the ruffle detail on the red top is fun too! Does the interlock from JoAnn's wash and dry well?

    1. Thanks, Juli! Yes, I've been surprised at the quality of their interlock. It's a bit heavier than t shirt weight, so it's really good for warmer tops, it was left over from my Renfrew cowl neck shirt.