Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Belladone Dress

A few weeks back I ordered the Belladone Dress pattern from Deer & Doe. It was sold out for a little while and it was killing me!!! I was shocked at how fast it actually arrived here from France once I ordered it though. I've seen so many exciting versions of this dress that I was excited to try it out for summer.

Here is my first try:

This one is chambray with navy blue bias tape. I also used this steampunk ray guns embroidery from Urban Threads. My only issue was that I screwed up and overlapped the back BACKWARDS! I didn't even notice the mistake until I was on to my second version of the dress. Derp!

I will insert a photo of the back here when I remember to take it.  Also my back gapes a little bit.

So onto the second, correct version:

This one is just standard quilting cotton with some little owls on it. I also tried to perfect the fit on this one by taking a little out of the back pieces.

Still a little gapey in the back depending on my posture!

I'll definitely be trying this again to get the back right, because how cool is a cutout back?! 
I've also picked up a few new patterns and fabric from Pink Chalk. They are having a sale right now!! Too many projects, so little time!

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  1. Both versions are really beautiful and suit you so well, but I really love that blue on you!