Monday, May 12, 2014

Me Made May days 10, 11, 12...

Hello there! It is now day 12 and I'm still going strong with wearing handmade clothing daily AND the biggest challenge for me personally...taking a photo each day!

Day 10
I can't remember what number this pattern was, but I know it was Simplicity. I made this sleeveless blouse in 2011 I think. I really like brown gingham and sort of want to buy more for a dress.

Day 11 Mother's Day
This year for Mother's Day we didn't do brunch because my 15 year old son was working (at the grocery store), but we decided to go out for a later dinner instead at the Mile Away. I had the unexpected trip to the doctor's with my youngest son in the morning so it all worked out. I had a lovely day outside in the yard once we came home and Travis was napping. I even did some sketching! The weather was perfect! I wore my Anna Dress all day. At the doctor's office the nurse wanted to know if I could make one for her, she loved it so much! I gave her the BHL website on a slip of paper since she said her mom sews.

Day 12 -Today
(Photo with my favorite dog ever, Angus.)
Today it's crazy hot here! I think it got close to 90 degrees. Travis and I went back to the doctor for a follow up, and he's feeling all better now. Later we went to see Liam running in a track meet.
I was cleaning out my drawers this morning and found this sleeveless drape top which I made at the end of last summer, I'd forgotten all about it! I works well with my khaki colored Kelly Skirt I think.

I hope I don't run out of steam, or handmade outfits before the end of May, because I like the challenge very much. I turn 40 this summer and have a bunch of portrait photos to commemorate this year, all wearing clothes I sewed myself. I know I wouldn't have bothered attempting this if it wasn't for the MMM challenge. Plus the flickr group is very inspiring!

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