Thursday, May 14, 2015

Competed: Belcarra blouse

I love making skirts, but sometimes when I'm done I have NO idea what kind of top to pair with it. Another reason I love dresses, never a problem, just grab and go!

When I saw this double gauze, I knew I had a winner to match my pink Kelly Skirt!!

Here's a close up, my camera's not focusing as well since my remote died...

It's the Belcarra Blouse by Sewaholic. This is my second version so far. It's very quick to sew!

Me Made May Day 14:
Belcarra blouse in double gauze with Kelly Skirt in pink twill.

Check out all the amazing handmade outfits in the Me Made May 15 Flickr group!


  1. So pretty! I agree that dresses are such an easy way to dress. Your top looks like it could be quite versatile in a wardrobe.

  2. Hi fellow NH blogger! I have the same problem matching a top to a skirt, must work on that! Your outfit looks cute!