Thursday, May 14, 2015

Me Made May round up

Hello! I'm still sticking with my plan of wearing something handmade every day for the month of May. This has been even more fun than last year! The only problem is I have no camera remote so my photos can be a bit blurry. I ordered one about a week ago on Amazon but it still hasn't arrived, and I'm not sure it will before the end of the month. Oh well!!

Here's the latest wrap up:

Friday was the first "theme day" of the challenge. Everyone posed with their machine or in their sewing areas. My real sewing area, the Mom Cave, was too dark and compact to photograph in, so I took my favorite machine, my Bernina 530, out to our little family crafting area. I usually make a point not to clutter this area with my stuff, the kids love to draw here!!
Made by me: Jalie crossover top and kelly green Simplicity cargo skirt

Saturday's dress: Jamie Christina Mission Maxi. I could have 100 of these dresses.

Sunday, Mother's Day, I wore this Flora Dress, By Hand London. It's made in cotton linen fabric by Amy Butler. I made this dress at the tail end of last summer. I really like this design with the pleated circle skirt. I've seen so many gorgeous versions of this dress.

I guess it's blue and green week here. Didn't even notice that! 
Monday I wore another Lady Skater Dress. This one is in a very lightweight, drapey knit. The drape of the fabric actually stretched lengthwise, and the dress is longer in the torso and hemline. It's kind of a different look. It's very comfortable!

Tuesday I wore my green Bronte Top and Sewaholic Crescent Skirt.

And lastly, my Out and About Dress.  I may try this with a wide belt next time or turn it into pajamas. The gathers seem to hit in a bad place and I just don't like this dress on me for some reason. You can't win em all!

Doing this challenge has motivated me to sew up some new things. Next I have a new blouse and dress to post about!

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  1. Great outfits! Your Flora dress looks gorgeous on you!