Thursday, May 28, 2015

Completed: Cascade Skirt

Hello! The weather has been wonderfully warm here in New Hampshire. I'm still keeping on track with my Me Made May Challenge. Looking at all the creative outfits people post each day in the Flickr group has really been a motivator in kicking my SewJo into high gear. It's also caused me to buy a few new patterns and more fabric, oops! 

On my last order of fabric from Fashion Fabrics Club, I had ordered this "linen look" fabric and was quite disappointed it was actually thin polyester. Since it was a nice muted lilac color and it draped nicely I decided to make this Megan Nielsen Cascade Skirt. The rest of the fabric from my order was excellent!

I've had this pattern around my sewing room for a few years now, so it's nice I found a fabric drapey enough to use for it finally, and I really like purples lately. I chose the version with two buttons at the front, and I made no alterations. I did add a partial lining since my fabric was so thin.

I know many others chose to take length off the back, which I may try on a future version, but I thought I'd try it as-is in the pattern. I like it! It feels a bit fancy, but I'm okay with that! I'm a full-time mom, and pretty much always overdressed by American standards. I like nice clothes, what can I say?!

So I'm wearing this today for Me Made May with my Nettie bodysuit!


  1. I like your cascade skirt very much! The fabric drapes beautifully and the colour is elegant and fairy! I have made one two years ago in a bold print and I think that is the reason I rarely wear it. I love yours! Have a nice day, SaSa

  2. Your skirt is very beautiful! I wanted to make a very similar one for summer if there is enough time. There almost never is :) The shorter front looks lovely and also the rounded ends of the panels in the front!
    I know what it's like to feel overdressed on a playground ;) a bit spooky!
    But hold out, you look great in it so go on and wear it! ;)

  3. Oh man love this skirt. I wish the pattern had been around a few years ago when I tried to draft a high-lo hem myself. Yours is gorgeous, and in such a soft fabric/color!