Thursday, May 12, 2016

More Me Made May

Hello, I have been posting each day on instagram (craftyNHmom) and it's time to do a little round up here. The weather has been getting warmer each day this week, but earlier in the week I was absolutely freezing in my outfits while taking a photo. I did at least get to wear a few warmer dresses I made this winter, so that was good!

Lola Dress by Victory Patterns made with french terry. I embroidered the back. I've made 3 Lolas so far. Very cozy.

Good old green dress. This is one of my standard throw-ons. It's like wearing pajamas.

Another Coco Dress. This time embellished with a Celtic triskele. I'm on an embroidery kick.

 Colette Macaron Dress. I made this about 2 years ago and I still love it.

 Sweatshirt hoodie, Deborah by Mamu Designs. I just couldn't get warm that day!!

 Wiggle Dress from Gertie's first book, still a favorite! I wore this out on Mother's Day. I even got to go fabric shopping at Pintuck and Purl in Exeter, NH. I'll definitely be going back there!! They stocked a ton of my favorite paper patterns and some really beautiful apparel fabrics.

Jamie Dress (Sis Boom), my first sleeveless day of the season! Yay!!
Hanging out with my best friend, Angus.

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  1. I got the most wonderful linen at Pintuck and Purl last Friday night! Such a great shop for dress making fabrics 👗