Monday, May 30, 2011

Alice in Wonderland Dress finished!

Maura graduates from the 8th grade this year, and it's off to high school already.  I feel like she was just 3 feet tall dragging her blankie around the house.  Parenthood seems to speed up time or something.

I asked her what she wanted to wear for graduation since her usual attire is jeans and a t-shirt.  She hasn't worn a dress in so long, well besides her rennaisance costume.  I came up with the idea for this dress to entice her.  She's always been kind of a tomboy.  I remember making her a skirt with dinosaurs appliqued on it when she was in preschool.  She's my only girl, so I do what I can to sew for her!

She reads all the time, and one of her absolute favorite authors is Lewis Caroll.  She has three different copies of Alice In Wonderland.  She collects anything Alice in Wonderland.  So this dress is perfect.  

This dress is made with the London Peasant Dress pattern  and the adorable japanese Wonderland Awaits Fabric, which Maura helped to pick out for her dress.  We're both totally in love with this print!

The dress was so easy and fun to sew.  I will probably sew this again.  It uses only elastic and has no zippers or buttons.  For the bell sleeves, I made my own teacup fabric by making small iron ons with my Silhouette Machine.  That was after my failed attempt at silkscreening some teacup fabric.

I'm so glad she likes it, and now she has a dress as creative as she is!

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  1. i love the sleeves and the black and white stripes! they are what make this so adorable! good job.